Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 ZK's Secrets

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Kage of the Nightmare
Kage of the Nightmare

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PostSubject: ZK's Secrets   Fri 03 Oct 2008, 11:04 pm

Since losing complete contact with the clanmembers within me that housed my elemental chakras, I have renamed them to suit me.

Fire - Pyros
Water - Rio
Lightning - Lyn
Wind - Anda
Light - Luna
Darkness - Oblivion
Twilight, Combination of light and darkness - Noir

Light and darkness hold a place in my heart...

The techniques of my bloodline are very many and very powerful. But the basis of this is the fact that my control over the elements isn't held in any weapons. It is buried in my soul and can be crafted into any shape. Blades, shields, armor, anything. Up until now they have been swords but that will change in all due time.

Phoenix Rain: A rain of flame needles is unleashed on the opponent

Unicorn Crush: Luna is combined with one of my limbs and its power is turned into a long spike. A crushing blow is thrown.

Kraken Gore: Rio is pushed into the ground and geysers begin to blow out of the ground

Phoenix Burst: Pyros charges and shoots a phoenix towards the opponent. Can be used in a stabbing motion to increase the power.

Lightning Pass: Lyn is used to send blasts and bolts of lightning across the ground

Aeroblast: Anda is used to whip up a raging circle of wind. The wind is then thrown at the opponent, ravaging their bodies.

Dark Pulse: Oblivion is spun at a high speed sucking everything towards it.

Dragon Spew: Pyros is struck into the ground and the earth erupts with fire

Dragon Rush: I fly at my opponent spinning head over heels, my body engilfed in any element i choose, weapon in hand. The energy creates the form of a gaping dragon mouth around my spinning body and when i strike my opponent, it crushes down on them.

Dragon Raid: Same thing as Dragon Rush only with my weapons being thrown.

Draco Herald: My body is fully or partially transformed into that of The White Dragon: Hyozanryu. This goes far beyond transformation jutsu. Strengthens my other Bloodline Jutsu. Allows the use of some Dragon only jutsu.

Ancient Dragon Strike: Hyozanryu's fist is thrust into the body of the opponent after Dragon Raid sending a blast of chakra through them.

Starshine Meteor Shower: The opponent is skewered by the five claws on each of Hyozanryu's hands millions of times per second.

Dragon Claw: Hyozanryu's claws glow with one of the six Kamisora Chakras and the opponent is slashed with them. Different names for each...

Rasengan Infinity - Ninjutsu: An attack of sky chakras that begins with Rasengan. My rasengan is special because my body is filled with six different chakras and therefore, my rasengan has six different swirls inside of it. The Rasengan Infinity takes that Rssengan and first lights a flame inside of it. Then it pours steam from it, clouding me from sight. Following that lightning crackles from within the orb and wind slices all around it. Finally, it gives off a shining light and everything turns black and I strike from the steam.

Infinity Burst - Follow Up: I add my other hand to the Rasengan Infinity and expand it to epic proportions and explode it sending a blast of sky chakras. (Think Kamehameha)

Chidori Release - Ninjutsu: I begin with Chidori and feed it more chakra and simultaneously release control of the lightning letting it lash out and strike all around you while still holding the core.

Chidori Broken – Follow Up: I crush the core of the Chidori causing a shockwave of electricity that throughout the field. I feed it more chakra to make the wave bigger.

Shining Finger – Ninjutsu: I grab the face of the opponent and force out a blast of light that blinds the opponent.

Raging Storm – Ninjutsu: I gather chakra in the form of a flame in both palms and force them into the ground raising earth and chakra bursts and waves all around me.

Machine Gun Punch – Taijutsu: I punch as fast as the speed of light directly at the opponent’s body.

Sky Stomp – Taijutsu: I backflip kick the opponent into the air and jump up and begin to stomp them repeatedly back into the ground.

Sky Uppercut – Taijutsu: I send three punches, one to the abdomen, one to the chin, and the last to the face sending you flying high into the air.

Meteor Smash – Follow Up: I send a spinning elbow to the flying opponent and follow it with a screaming punch that sends them crashing back into the ground.

Other techniques from a time long past...

Body Element Fusion: It turns my body completely to any element I choose.

Rapid Spin: I spin my body at a high speed either like a top or head over heels.

Shuriken Clone Jutsu: I create shadow clones of shurikens increasing their numbers exponentially.


Shuriken Hurricane: Rapid Spin combined with the Shuriken Clone sends endless shuriken in every direction.

Firey Tempest: Body Element Fusion as fire combined with Rapid Spin causes a whirling storm of fire.

Other moves are improvised.


TB Soundbreaker - Summon: An unbreakable guitar used for both sound based jutsu and special types of elemental jutsu. I can channel my chakra either into the guitar or around it and strum to fire chakra bullets or activate area effects similar to genjutsu. The guitar is also usable devastating physical strikes.

Buster Cannon - Summon: Long range high power chakra rifle. Along with the rifle, I summon a scouter type targeting system to my right eye that locks on to chakra flows. Its shot is accurate to 100th of a unit and fast enough to put me in a corner so this shot will not miss no matter how near miss a dodge is.

Firefox - Summon: A large fox that has control over fire. Can fly using flames on its paws.

Dodecagram: Allows me complete control of what happens inside it. It is the home of Hyozanryu of the Sky Dragon. It can summon him forth as my avatar and I will control him until the enemy is defeated. It also allows me access to more secret forbidden jutsu of my clan.

First Forbidden Jutsu: Moonshine
Second Forbidden Jutsu: Chaos Spear
Third Forbidden Jutsu: Summoning - Tides of Ruin
Fourth Forbidden Jutsu: Tempest Blades
Fifth Forbidden Jutsu: Neo Raging Storm
Sixth Forbidden Jutsu: Showtime
Seventh Forbidden Jutsu: Endgame
Eighth Forbidden Jutsu: XIII Blades
Final Forbidden Jutsu: Not revealed
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ZK's Secrets
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