Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Advocates Jutsu

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Kage of the Nightmare
Kage of the Nightmare

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PostSubject: Advocates Jutsu   Sun 05 Oct 2008, 2:19 pm

I DONT DO HANDSIGNS!!! what i do its kinda like earthbending such as stomping on the ground or hand motions like gaara

my techniques have been perfected to maximize the strength of my arm and laced skeletal strudture and i have the power cosmic wich i obtained from the is imbuded with my skeleton and skin...

basically i can form my arms and diamond in the area into almost anything that i think off
just think of gaara and kidomaru but shitloads stronger

i can open the gates

wasteland cataclysm:
summons 100 clones each pick up a diamond spire and launch them at an opponent

carbonite implosion
should you be struck by any of my diamond moves you are set up for the diamonds to grow at a fast rate and smother you accordingly

this move releases all the diamond lacing my sleketon and creats a monstrous four armed exosleleton that pertrudes from my back... this multuplies my power to god like heights and the exosleleton movements correspond with my own


chidori nova
it begins to rain and i charge a chidori...
the electrons begin to charge all raindrops in the immediate area making my intial chidori one big ass chidori the initial chidori paralyzes you then i guide the resulting blast throught your skull

chidori requiem
i combine two chidori into one big compressed chakara ball this ball emits a shrill sound that traps the opponet and anyone else in a genjutu, the sound is so shrill it makes you tear your ears off
unfortunately with all this compressed chakara in my hands i cant move so i let the genjutsu do the work

chidori seranade
think 8 trigrams 64 palms but with chidori

you can only imagine what happens next

after training in the earths core for one year he has obtained full mastery of the earth and its abillities when in the earths core he can do the following

world breaker: thousands of diamond arms erupt from the ground and grab you... then you are baragged with thermal convection and slicing green chakra derived from the earths core

wasteland synapse
i open a trench in the earth and you fall in... on the way down diamond spikes attempt to stab you on the way down to the earths core

i use the diamond fragments ever surrounding me and turn them in to mirrors and magnify the sunlight creating violent rays produce from the magnifying mirrors

Seismic burst
when i change the swords into staff form i rotate the staff fast in my hands to build up siesmic energy from the earth then i shoot the energy in the ground and a large green eruption wave comes twoards the enemy

thats it ill make up more later

world breaker

i really dont feel like explaing what all it does but ill just post that the move exists

global fist
same with this one

gaia cannon
same with this one

gaias finger
same with this one

mach fist
same with this one

unstoppable giga force

Aegis jutsu

genesis cannon

various diamond yoyo taijutsu

since i am a nobody yes i can darkness warp i wont do it often
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Advocates Jutsu
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