Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Shiro's Arsenal

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Shiro Kazuma
Sannin of the Nightmare
Sannin of the Nightmare

Male Number of posts : 36
Age : 28
Location : Within The gates of Nightmare
Registration date : 2008-10-14

PostSubject: Shiro's Arsenal   Mon 20 Oct 2008, 10:35 pm

Kekkei Genkai- Elemental Control- Allows a Kazuma to control the elements. There is an eye for each element: Fire, Water, Wind, Lightening, Earth, and the hidden elements Energy, Light, and Dark. The user must unlock each elemental spirit to obtain the Eye of the element. When using the elemental spirit, the user's eyes will cahnge color depneding on the spirit. In this state, the user is able to control the element at will.

Spirirts unlocked:

Light (Holy)
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Shiro Kazuma
Sannin of the Nightmare
Sannin of the Nightmare

Male Number of posts : 36
Age : 28
Location : Within The gates of Nightmare
Registration date : 2008-10-14

PostSubject: Re: Shiro's Arsenal   Mon 20 Oct 2008, 11:08 pm

These techniques are what I've used in battle as of now. So everyone knows, I do not limit my techniques in battle to those I have posted. So be warned.

Silent Blade- A blade of chakra on teh blunt side of a sword which strikes an oppenent with no sound. The oppenent is left unaware of the attack until a paralysis kick in (paralysis is no longer then one min.) .

Dragon Howl- A blade is swung through the air at a high speed creating a sonic boom that can temporarily impair an opponentís hearing and focus.

Nine-Headed Dragon Strike- Simultaneously deals nine strikes to the most fundamental channels of chakra, also temporarily making guarding and dodging virtually impossible.

Dragon Breath- A burst of fire emits from the userís mouth.

Earth Shock- Creates a powerful shockwave when the ground is struck

Rapid Spin- Spins rapidly at a high speed. (plainly put..)

Sweeping Winds - Using a blade, creates strong winds that slice through the air with a vacum effect.

Stone Blade - Creates a black stone replica of the users blade.

Ice Rain - Rains a freezing rain that turns what it touches to ice.

Breath of Knives - User throws slices of air through an oppenent as if throwing piercing daggers.

Flaming Soul - User dramatically increases their body temp. Depending on user's experience witht he jutsu, the user can be able to rise their body temp high enough to surround their body in flames..

Rain Dance- The user moves their hands or weapon with speed in a graceful motion using the water surrounding them as small needles and springing them in all directions.

Diamond Dust- Using moisture in the area or water around them, the user cna create a shower of ice crystals.

Dragon Dive: Using a weapon or their own hands, teh user jumps high in the air, then surrounding theirself in flames, aiming down at their target becomes a flaming bullet, at impact creating a ball of fire.

Earth Rave: Creates a wave of earth by making a shockwave in teh ground rising the rock from the ground and rolling towards an oppenent.

Energy Rain: Creates a massive source of eletric energy in the hand of the user, then releasing it in a showering rain falling to the ground and on impact creating small blasts.

Running Fire- Using fire chakra, the user generates jets of fire that race towards thier oppenent and surround them. The flames can be made stronger with the effect of wind elemental attacks.

Mausoleum Earth Dumpling- The user strikes the ground overturning the earth into a large dumpling shape chunk of earth the size of a mausoleum. Either using a mass amount of chakra of brute strength, the user can lift the large rock and hurl it at their oppenents.

Mud Slide- The user transforms the ground where their opponent stands into a powerful flowing river.

Earth Dome Prison- The user can create a dome of rock surrounding their oppenent, then placing their hands against the dome is able to suck the chakra from whom ever is trapped inside bringing it to tehmself. Also using their own chakra, the user is able to repair any damage done from within by their oppenents. This requires a mass amount of chakra, therefor the user cannot repair the damages forever.

Gaia's Fury- Vines rise from the ground grabbing hold of an oppenent taking his mobility, then the user strikes with a serious of kicks and punches. Hands glow with a green chakra as the user strikes the ground making a giant fist of rock send the constricted oppenent into the air.

Flames of Hell- The user emits two flames from each of his hands at and oppenent both in the form of Ifrit, exploding into blast of flames on impact.

This is the shape of the flame takes.

Elemental Golem: Creates a copy of Shiro with an element. Must be using Elemental Spirit to use this.

Hadoken- A quick moving blast of lightning emitted fromt he users hand in a ball.

Buster Wolf- The fist is covered in an intense blue flame then striking an opponent can burn the flesh leaving an intense wound, with a flame hot enough to melt through steel.

Gun Flame- Striking the ground, creates fiery bursts emiting from the ground, making hte sound of gunshots.

Final Destiny- Fills both hands with a pure light, then connecting them both, emits a giant beam of light energy that can scorch through diamond. This is basically similar to a huge Kameamea Wave so it should give you a better picture of how this would seem. The attack does take time to charge, leaving a small opening for attack.

Sacred Vail- Creates a seal on the ground turning the area within the seal into holy ground. There fore any Dark chakra drawn out of the area and Dark attacks are useless as long as the seal remains.

Volcanic Press- Strikes the ground creating a gash deep enough to reach molten rock. The rock the emits from the ground in a fountain effect shaping into a pair of hand trapping the opponent in between them, the at the userís will, the hands will close and clasp together grasping whatever lays inside.


Spirit of Archangles- Shiro combines his spirit with the power of Tyrael, as the wings of light form on his back. This is a holy transformation, granting Shiro great increases in speed and Light elemental attacks.

Dragon Install: This is a transformation that can be used when Shiro's fire sprirt is released. There ar three steps.. First Flame., Second Flame. and Final Flame aka Dragon Install. Each step is a small install ment of a Dragon's spirit, increasing Shiro's Fire Element dramatically. This transformation also dramtically increases his speed and strength.


Tyrael- An archangel who has been appointed as Shiro's teacher and guardian. He has control over Light elements.

I also carry pokemon with me.
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Shiro's Arsenal
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