Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Obito's Jutsus

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Obito Yashimoto


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PostSubject: Obito's Jutsus   Thu 23 Oct 2008, 12:16 am

1. Suiton: Mizu Gosunkugi No Jutsu = Water Style - Aqua Spike Jutsu
Hand Seals - Rat, Tiger, Ox, Snake, Bird
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: D-Rank
Description: Using a small Water source, the user creates a spike of water in the shape of a cone, about 3 foot long. It is then propelled for-wards to-wards a target. It is basically a larger, more damaging Kunai, except the fact that it is made from solidified water and Chakra.

2. Suiton: Ryuuchou Ookawa No Jutsu = Water Style - Flowing River Jutsu
Hand Seals - Bird, Ox, Bird
Type - Ninjutsu
Rank: D-Rank
Description: The user of this Jutsu will use their own bodies chakra to shoot a small amount of Water from their mouth, that once expelled from the body, normally forms the shape of a small creek or River. This Jutsu can be used by all Ninja who master it. However, Most Genin ranked Shinobi would only use this technique as a last resort, as it would take 3/4 of an average Genin's Max Chakra, Leaving them with little use of it because of their low Chakra levels. It is basically a lesser version of Water Release: Exploding Water Shock-wave, differences include that is a much smaller source of Water, and that it cannot be used as attack.

3. English Name: Shadow Shuriken Jutsu
Japanese Name: Kage Shuriken no Jutsu

Rank: D
Style: N/A
Shadow Shuriken Jutsu is used to trick an opponent. This jutsu requires a demon wind shuriken. When the ninja throws this large shuriken, a second demon wind shuriken is thrown in the shadow of the first one. The target will divert their attention to the first shuriken, not even noticing the second one. It's often difficult to avoid.

4. English Name: Water Prison Jutsu
Japanese Name: Suiryuudan no Jutsu

Rank: C
Style: Water (Suiton)
Water Prison Jutsu is a trapping technique that imprisons an opponent in a sphere of water. After performing the necessary hand seals, water will begin to form around the target, eventually creating the spherical, liquid prison that allows little mobility. The user must have their arm or another part of their body within the prison at all times or the prison will disappear.

5. Ice Bunshin no Jutsu = Ice Trap Clone Jutsu
Rank: C
Style: Water (Suiton)
Much like the kage bushin no jutsu but different. Obito creates clones of himself made entirly of water which when hit freeze the opponent or object the attacked it and traps them in an ice prison making it hard for them to escape.

6. Water Teleportation


Name : SUITON: TSUBASA NO RYUU = Water style: Wing Dragon
Creature Type : RYUUTO (Dragon Person)
A dragon the size of a fully grown man which get bigger as you increase in rank and is made entirly out of water, Its an obedient dragon and the skill is known by few. Its main attacks are:

Suiton: Totsunyuu Chouryuu No Jutsu = Water Style: Rushing Tides Jutsu
Type - Ninjutsu
Rank: C-Rank
Description: The summoned user of this Technique will use Chakra to force a very close Water source (0-10 Feet Away) to summon a huge amount of water and create a wave of water and with great force crush down onto the enemy dealing quite a lot of damage.

Suiton: Ice Sword Transformation
Type: Ninjutsu
Rank: C
Description: The dragon summon transforms into a long ice sculpted blade.
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Obito's Jutsus
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