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Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Kay's Jutsu

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Kay no
Anbu of the Nightmare
Anbu of the Nightmare

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PostSubject: Kay's Jutsu   Mon 27 Oct 2008, 8:58 pm

Kekki Genkai=Buryoki: My unique mysterious bloodlimit that is similar to Telekinesis but is stronger Also it uses the opponents force and momentum against them, It also capable of MUCH more but unfortunatly i Know little about it so Im not that good to with it.

Afterimages: i use my speed and kekki genkai to create after images that i can soildify if i wanted giving all of them chakra and other humanly features.

Buryoki Bubble= I create Bubble like shield of Buryoki energy.

Buryoki Aura= I small aura stretching 3 feet away from me that is active at all times using little to no chakra. Anything that close to me is in my Aura zone, where i use my Buryoki to a far extent allowing me to see flaw or opening in an opponents attack or peroid.I may also craft my aura to burn cut shock or watever I want

Mach Speed=I'm able to utlize mach speed(so far my limit is 10 at 100%)

Mach Crash= I enter Speeds of Mach 4 with an untracible pattern

Mach Hop: Using my clan's traits and kekki genkai and training I am able to (usually I hop first) move to any spot I want.

Mach Barrage= A long series of Bone crushing punches kicks and things of that nature all done at mach speed surged with Oran chakra

Mach Illusion= A state where I split into 5 After images or All my movements are followed by 5 afterimages making it really really really really difficult to hit me

Kuzu ryusen=(9 headed dragon strike) Using my speed i Can simutaniously the opponet 9 times with deadly strikes making dodging or guarding almost virtually impossible.

Kuzu ryusen Double=(18 headed dragon strike) Same move just with two of my blades making it 18 slashes.

Divine Rising Dragon= I rush at the opponent and and jump in the sky, right before i hit them i Mach hop under them and follow up with uppurcutting vicious slashes upwards.

Mach Helm Splitter= After rushing the opponent i mach hop a few inches above them and infuse Oran's lightining to my blade and attempt a helm splitter(cutting down from above)

Beykotsa= I enter a stance of ultimate defense with my hand on the hilt on my sword in its sheath increasing my aura to 6 feet. Where most close up attacks have no hope to pentrate my defenses (not including kham zk vash shiro and other high high ranking ninja sorry if i missed ya although its not impoosible for me to dodge or guard themt they still have a really good chance of hittting me)

Goi Hebi=(5 strikes of the deadly serpant) I charge at you with my sword in my sheathe and hand on my its hilt and once im 3 feet from you 5 afterimages emerge from me all in different style forms and we all attempt to mach hop to the opponents spot and hit with our swords pulsating with Oran's Electricity.

Shock of Impact= An attack when i swiftly strike the opponent with blunt side of my blade surging it with enough electricty to parylise the opponent temperarly.

Zero Sequence= This attack depends on if the opponent was already hit only seconds ago or is staggered, i strike before the opponent is able to recover, Double slicing through them.the attack is so swifty done that it makes no sound or warning at all.(this attack is done at mach 2.5)

Shuntensatsu=(Instant heavenly Kill) : I grib one of my blades and enter inner Peace and once i open them I enter a state called mach crash where i utterly vanish and the only thing seen of me are the small craters that i make with my feet while running in a weird untracible pattern. Once i Find the time to strike I strike the opponent 20 times by creating after images after every attack 20 times and end it by slashing threw them and sheathing my blade and there body influxed with Oran's Chakra. (This is a move very rarely used and leaves me with like 15% left All done within 4.5 seconds)

Oran's Touch= My hands and feet are surged with Oran's Electric Chakra

Chidori=I surge my hand with piercing electric Charkra

Oran's Chidori= I surge my whole arm with Oran's piercing chakra allowing me to pierce threw most barriers.

Field of Oran= I stick My hand in theground and the ground is surged with MUCH More Advanced and MUCH stronger Oran Chakra turning the ground into a pool of Oran chakra

Oran's Fist= I charge my hand (usually right for more strength)with a great deal of Oran's Chakra and attempt to punch the opponent.

Oran's Might= Giantic Bolts of Oran's Thunder comes from the sky multiple times.

Oran's Impulse= One HUGE HUGE strong beam of Oran's Energy,it greatly taps me.

Oran's Strike= I transfer the energy from Oran's impulse into a punch

Oran's Battle suit= An Armor like battle suit that increases my attributes and abilities 100x giving me more access to Oran's chakra without much strain

Inner Piece= A State of mind where I close my eyes and increase my all my senses and attributes 100fold and allows me access to my more powerful jutsu and movement at Mach 5

Shock waves of Electricity

Blast of Electicity

Electrical Spires

More attacks Comprimised

More later Dont worry ATTACKS Done In STEPS leaving attempt of escape so im not auto hitting k


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Kay no
Anbu of the Nightmare
Anbu of the Nightmare

Number of posts : 41
Registration date : 2008-10-27

PostSubject: Re: Kay's Jutsu   Mon 27 Oct 2008, 8:58 pm


Halo Blade- tell ya later (or you could just read the training battle IN THE NIGHTMARE between I shiro Salazar Jack and terry, Its one of my favorite jutsu lol ^^)

Oran's Anger= I stomp the ground making HUGE pillers of Oran's Chakra to continuously erupt Visciously out of the ground with great great strength and equal speed

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Kay no
Anbu of the Nightmare
Anbu of the Nightmare

Number of posts : 41
Registration date : 2008-10-27

PostSubject: Re: Kay's Jutsu   Mon 27 Oct 2008, 9:01 pm

New Shit!!!!

I am a complete Master of every single Martial Art and Judo including being a Master of the Druken Fist on an ungodly level.

5 strikes of the Demon Snake- I send 5 strikes and punches to areas around your heart at certain spots making either the blood stop circulating, paralyzes you, or explode your heart

Resolute Infliction- An array of Kicks that send out lashes of Oran chakra out of each kick. also each kick can slice through Titanium

Stomp of the Devil- I stomp the opponent so hard enough for them to get sent into the core of the Earth. if blocked by hand it will brake the arms(unless your kham)

Octa-A state where I manipulate my after images and create 4 extra arms on my sides to fight with

I can use the Lotus as well, and activate the gates without looking stupid and without the strain

Primary Lotus-I dash in a circle around the opponent ay mach 9 creating a dome of Oran Chakra around them trapping them inside, As I Mach hop under them and kick them in the chin into far far far the sky using the momentum of my running as I then mach hop to their location as I Paralyze them and wrap my Mechanical Arm around them and begin spinning as I dive bomb crash the opponent into the Ground.

Forward Lotus- I run around the opponent the same way as Primary Lotus as I flip kick the opponent into the sky and continously kick them higher and higher and higher into the sky each kick having 500,000 volts of Oran chakra until we reach the Stratusphere as I then Primary lotus them to the ground

Hidden Lotus- Don't feel like Explaining

Zero Beats- A punch at mach 9 mixed with every single form of Martial Arts and Judo making the punch completely unpredictable

Qunatum Toss- I grab the opponent an Send 300,000 volts of Oran Chakra through them paralyzing them as I throw them into the ground so hard it could brake multiple bones or I can swing them multiple times and throw them so fast their bodys burn and peel threw the speed

Solace Strike- Not Revealed

Qualitive Strike- I kick or Punch the Opponent simutaniously every where on their body and the attack is strong enough to tear through steel

The rest of the attacks are with my swords

Amakakeru Ryū no Hrameki- A strike of the sword so fast it seems instantaneous and adding to that the sword is swung so fast that it creates a small void that vaccums you toward the blade making it impossible to dodge. especially since the follow up of the attack is me striking you almost 1000 times using the momentum of the first slash to make it Instanteous

Grand Halo Blade-Not revealed

Omega Breakthrough- I Summon Oran to overshadow me like a Giant ass Exoskeleton increasing my abilites to nightmarish lengths(no pun)

Energy Rain-Same as Shiro's

Kirin- A bolt of Oran chakra that can predict your movements and is as big as a building and strikes you at almost undodgeable speed

Corruption- not revealed

Cry of the Gods- Bolts of Oran chakra the size of meteors strike the ground every where being only inches apart and won't cease until I say

Buryoki Crush- I create a field of Buryoki and Compress it on you crushing your body

Falcons Drill- I use my Buryoki to change the form of my arm and turn it into a drill made of titanium and crystal as I surge it with Oran Chakra

Chidori Sentinal- I create a Huge Chidori and send it into the sky and make it float like a huge orb of Lighting as It lashes out at everything that moves with 500,000 volts of Oran Chakra

Oran Grip- I create an Arm of Oran Chakra to grab you and flux you with monserous amounts of Oran Chakra

(More to come)
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PostSubject: Re: Kay's Jutsu   

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Kay's Jutsu
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