Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Takeya Uchiha's jutsu

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Takeya Uchiha
Special Jonin
Special Jonin

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PostSubject: Takeya Uchiha's jutsu   Mon 01 Sep 2008, 1:17 pm

Fire Style:

Fire style: Fireball jutsu- an immediate blast of fire. Moderate damage.
Fire style: Dragon flame bombs- More powerful blast of fire. Severe damage.
Fire style: Flame flower(Sharingan activated)- series of huge fireballs fired at opponent in the air. Catastophic damage.


Whirlwind- A six-hit combination of punches. A final spin kick is executed. Light damage
Tri-strike- Three swift, severing kicks. Small damage
Twin motion- Small, consecutive kicks. Moves in a cyclone-type pattern. Moderate damage
Burst Rush(Sharingan activated)- Dancing leaf shadow is executed. Four punches in mid-air. Final elbow is delivered at the moment of impact on the ground.

Genjutsu(sharingan activated):

Deadly Haze- The air grows warm, and robust. Hard to breathe.
Dark incision- Oppoent is shrowded in total darkness. Several spikes are projected in every direction.

Mangekyou Sharingan(Used at risk):

Shadowed Misfortune- Opponent is sucked into a vortex. Vortex ends. Opponent falls onto a blade. Blade impales opponent.
Supernova- Area is engulfed in flames. Opponent becomes enshrowded in flames. Continues to burn into ashes.
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Takeya Uchiha's jutsu
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