Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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PostSubject: kyoji   Tue 18 Nov 2008, 8:44 am

real life name: chris
name: kyoji kotetsu
age 14
dislikes; many things
zodiac; virgo
rival; arri/best friend
three years ago i was but a young little boy lost in the world till i began a journey that would lead to the reason for my exsistence
i was 11 when i became a genin in my village and everything was fine till one day my father and brother went out on a a-rank mission to help a allie village at war while they were on this missioon they were ambushed badly more than 50 ninja attacked them at one they fought off as many as they could but before long they were captured and became POWs i took more than 11 attempts to try and bust them out and before long they were a lost cause as they constanly drew in more ninjas to become POWsthis made them stop coming
i then set out on my own to rescue my brother and fatherat the point by which i was no more than forty yards away i was spoted it was that day that i obtained my kotetsugan and was able to succesfully execute the eruptiion jutsu by which a large pool of lava begins to start under the ground and the gases build up a lot to a point that the gases eventually explode releasimg an explosion with the power of the first atom bomb it was at that point that i became a real ninja after this i was captured by a man wearing a head band that covered his eyes
a month later the war was ended and everyone was let go when i got home i heard that my dad and bro had gone on another missiom by which they never returned i waited three months before i set out to ffind them i have been searching for them for three years and training but i still have never found them
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