Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Aeon's Jutsu

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Male Number of posts : 1425
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Kekkai Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
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PostSubject: Aeon's Jutsu   Sat 30 Aug 2008, 5:28 pm

Kekkai Genkai

Kekkai Genkai= Chakra Eye: allow the user the ability to have better and more precise Chakra Control. Allow the user to see Chakra as well even if it is not normally visible (i.e. Kyuubi Chakra & Rasengan/Raikiri)Able to see the Chakra in all objects.Able to see the Chakra Network.Increases Chakra Power. Allows Chakra to be emited from the Chakra Points in the body. Allows Chakra to be sensed even with Eyes closed

Kekkai Genkai Part 2: Chakra Blade:Makes a blade of Chakra that solidifyes into a Sword. The sword can fire Chakra Waves and absorbs Chakra *not an Uber Amount. moves like a Liquid Bullet/FireBall

Kekkai Genkai Part 3=Chakra Release:Blitz Wave This attack is usually emitted from the Chakra Blades. Channels Chakra into a wave that shot forward. (somewhat like the Backlash Wave)

Kekkai Genkai Part 4= 8 Blades/The Epitaphs Creates 8 Black Chakra Blades. That look like these Two of these Blades are wielded in my hands the rest are wield with Chakra. Sometime all of them are wielded by Chakra. They Ususallly reisde on my back. These blades can be fired as small rays/beams
When the swords are out Speed is greatly increased. Power is also increased but not as drastically as speed is.

Kekkai Genkai Part 5=The Twilight Key/Epitaph. Summons the Avatar(that is what he is classifyed as) Below, Skeith, The Terror of Death. Can be used to protect and attack.

Water Style

Water Style: Liquid Bullet Jutsu=Forceful Bullet of Water

Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu=A water dragon shot at fast speeds

Wind Style
Wind Style: Air Bullet Jutsu=Forceful Bullet of air

Wind Style: Air Bullet Barrage:=Summons clones that surround the enemy and fires off Air Bullets

Wind Style: Electric Air Bullet Jutsu= A Faster air bullet with electric proprties and electic chakra(takes longer time to fire than regular Air Bullet but travels faster)

Wind Style:Hurricane Wall=A concentrated force of wind that can be used for defense or attack. Like a wall

Wind Style:Cyclone Blade Jutsu=An attack that fires a white-ish/blue blade of high pressured/powered wind. The Blade is surronded by strong cutting winds

Wind Style:Wind Scytche Jutsu=A attack that uses wind to trap an enemy in sharp cutting winds. Can be emit from a wave of my arm or my Blade.

Wind Style Air Cutter=A semi-circle of Wind in the form of a Wave

Wind Style:Violent Storm=I thrust my palm outward or slash or my Blade and a huge burst of wind with minor cutting abilites is fired. Can be used with my Blade as well

Wind Style:Wind Scytche Jutsu=A attack that uses wind to trap an enemy in sharp cutting winds. Can be emit from a wave of my arm or my Blade.

Wind Style:Wind Dragon=A Dragon of sharp cutting winds attacks the enemy. Unlike my other wind attacks this is more focused. It wind only cuts if it makes a DIRECT hit.

Wind Clone:A clone infused with Wind. Unlike a Shadow clone he doesnt die with just one hit

Evolution Storm=Wind begins to Violently stir around me and Tempest my clothes rustle and the surrounding do as well .I raise Tempest and then slam it down on the ground. A gale of tremendous force is blown at the Wind Burst and energy is seen eveloping the wind. (Strongest Wind Jutsu)

Lightning Style

Spark Subtituon= A regular substitution jutsu but leaves a small damaging spark(nothing really powerfull just used to create space between opponent by making them avoid the spark)

Lightning Style:Blast Bullet: A basic lightning style attack. Shoots an electrical sphere towards the enemy.

Lightning Style: Thunder Beam=A beam of electicity that absorbs light and moves at high speeds

Lightning Stle:Lightning Dragon=Electricty in the form of a Dragon.

Lightning Style:Energy Rain=A channel swirling electrical energy into my hands and fire it. It then releases into Lightning orbs that explode..unlike a normal explosion these have a strong electrical charge

Lightning Clone: Summons Lightning Clone. A Clone infused with Lightning doesnt die with just on hit like Shadow Clone

Lightning Style: Divine Saber=A circle with thunder symbols form underneath the opponet. Lightning Bolts then Rain from the Sky in Succession ending with a powerfull Lightning Strike. The Circle virtually can be formed anywhere near the enemy. (Above or Adjacent on a slant by shoulder, Near thigh. etc)

Lightning Style:Indignation Judgement= Many lightning bolts stike the enemy. A Blade of Lightning falls from the sky striking the enemy with Lightning.After the Sword Falls more Lightning falls as well ending with a very powerful lightning Strike as the Blade Bursts. (Strongest Lightning Jutsu)

Normal Jutsu

Shadow Clone Jutsu=Summons Shadow Clones to help aid in the fight.

Ninja Art:Blades of Blood=Channels Chakra into the blood and created Cresent shaped blades.

Ninja Art:Blades of Blood Revenge=A Blades of Blood with more Chakra infused into more blood. Attacked from all angles while I Burst Step Around.


Rasengan=The Rasengan grinds into whatever it touches, causing major damage

Ordaime Rasengan=A bigger more powerful version of the Rasengan

Epitaph's Rasengan=A move used when i combine Skeith. The Chakra Blades burst into beams and circle around the Rasengan. The Beams then plunge into the Rasengan making it spin even faster.A small ring then spins around the sphere. The Rasengan turns into a Silvery-White Color similar to Skeith.

Chidori=An Attack infused with Lightning Chakra. A powerful Thurst that can Cut/Slash

Chidori Release=A Chidori is released from my hand in a energy spiral.

Raikiri=A powerful thrust infused with more Lightning Chakra than a Chidori and is stronger. Was used to ACTUALLY cut Lightning


Storm Shield=A defensive move learned for Khameron the Earth's Advocate. Wind and Lightning Chakra is emited from my Charka Points in a spiraling fashion. Similar to rotation but not as big.

Lightning Control=An abiltiy Increasing the power of Lightning based Justu MAINLY Chidori/Raikiri. Silver-Blue Chakra begins to glow and crackle in Lightning pulsates around my chakra every second. Lightning starts to strike into the Chakra.Chakra begins to Pulsate even faster and even more lightning strikes into the Chakra and out of it.

Enhance Wind=I wave my hand across my blade((like Renji)) And a Blue/Whitsh aura of Chakra covers Tempest((Like Asuma trench knives)) A breeze is felt eminating from the Blade

Enhance Lighting=I wave my hand across my blade((like Renji)) And a Purple/Whitish aura of Chakra covers Surge and Lightning pulsates around it. Sparks and Lightning eminate from the blade

Aerial Recovery=I flip in the air to gain control of my self ((Like Kingdom Hearts 2's Aerial Recovery))

Storm Shield Burst=I channel Wind and Lightning Chakra into my body but unlike the regular Storm Shield I release it more Violently. It doesnt release in a Spiral but more like a ring ((Blaster Wave for the who know about DBZ:BT3))

Combo Jutsu

Distortion Outburst=I begin to Shadow Dance around my opponet...but while Shadow Dancing Im using Lightning Chakra to move. Dust begins to kick surronded by electricty a glyph appears under my oppenet. As I Shadow Dance the glyph begins to glow and Lightning begins to strike into it The because of the force and electricty of the attack the surrondings begin to seem to bend and become warp-like I stop Shadow Dancing and begins to Slash the opponet with Surge. Lightning strikes the opponet again with every Slash. I then make one final slash and move out of the glyph. As I exit the glyph a myraid amount of Lightning Bolt falls from the sky as the glyph burst

Epitaph's Judgment=Epitaph's Promise is set in front of my hands Horizontally. Tempest and Surge come and touch Epitaph's Promise Vertically make a bow like shape. With Surge I make the magnetic field and throw the Shuriken. With Tempest the wind then begin to speed up the Shuriken.Surge then charges the Shuriken with a massive amount of electricity making a Silvery-Black bolts.The Shuriken in encased in an orb of Lightning and continues spinning faster while the Lightning gets wilder The Shuriken is fired as a High powered energy beam that blast out with Amazing Speed.


Exploding Shuriken= Four Exploding tags are placed on the Points of a giant shuriken. Usually explode on contact

Crescent Moon=A powerful backflip draws out a moon shaped kick pattern

Swallow Fury=A Crescent Kick that launche enemy into the air a Flurry of kicks are launched before one final kick to the ground

Dragon Dance=A kick launches enemy into the air.Flurry of kicks ended with a strong Cutting RoundHouse kick that creates distance
Rising Fury=A rising Crescent Kick followed by many more laucnhes the enemy is the air.

Dark Crescent Moon=A Flurry of Cutting RoundHouse kicks and Crescent kicks

Crack Shoot/Axe Kick=A downward Kick similar to a crescent kick but straighter and brought down more sharply

Demon Fang=A swing of one sword releases a wave of energy

Fierce Demon Fang=slams the ground with one of his sword arms, releasing a shockwaveimmedietely in front of him, but doesn't travel far.

Demonic Chaos=3 Waves of energy are released they can cut through objects

Tiger Blade=Slashing up then quickily down in mid-air

Tiger Rage=Like Tiger Blade but a second side swiping attack after the initial Up Slash before the Final Down Slash

Sword Rain= quick burst of stabs in one direction ensure a quick comb
Guardian Field=I raise my sword and a burst of energy emits from a small glyph underneath

Strike Raid=I toss a Blade at high speed and power and it comes back to me. Like a mini energy disc

Sonic Blade=I rush past the enemy using Burst Step/Dance slashing them everytime I past them.

Sonic Sword Rain=A burst of slashes and thrust at VERY high speeds and last longer than an average Sword Rain. Ending with an a powerful slash that will send the enemy backwards. Can be infused with Wind or Lightning Chakra

Triple Kick=I channel Chakra into my feet and give two strong energy infused crescent kicks and end with one final stronger crescent kick

Crescent Locus=I kick upward. The force of my kick causing energy to follow and move out front of me in a rising motion.

Blade of Fury=With two blades I unleash and upward crescent slash with one blade then a downward slash with the other ending with a finishing double downward slash.

Air Raid=I slash upward while jumping only SLIGHTY off the ground. A trail of energy follows. I then slash downward this time more energy follows(Diagonally) in the from of energy swords

Zantetsuken=I spin my blade rapidly and then stop and quickly slash past iin a semi-rising fashion ((Diagonally)) Strongest Blade Attack. As I slash a burst of energy is seen.

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Male Number of posts : 1425
Age : 26
Location : Village Bursting with Energy
Kekkai Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
Registration date : 2008-08-30

PostSubject: Re: Aeon's Jutsu   Tue 02 Sep 2008, 8:10 pm


Epitaph Mode=The Symbols that appear when I summon Skeith cover my body . The 8 Chakra Blade appear on my back as well. In this state my power,speed and chakra control are enhanced. Skeith is unabled to be summoned in this form as it is basically a combonation of our power. He is still able to speak. ((The Strongest Transformation))

After the loss of my Bankai..(due to me leaving the Azure) I decided to find a way to revive them without the use of a Zanpaktou

Zettai Teki Na Hakai Surge (roughly Absolute Destruction Surge)
I now call..Absolute Lightning
In this state the Lightning Ring and orb reisde on my back as usual (floating). My hand is encased in Blue/Silver Lightning. I can create smaller orbs that will fire beams and blast of Lightning. Heightened Control of Magnetism and Slight Control of Gravity

My transformation of Wind

Tonderio Tempest Gekidou (Soaring Tempest Upheaveal)
I know call Soaring Freedom
These Wings emerge from my back..granting me "True Flight"
These wings are hard and as sharp as any metal. I manipulate the wind around me making various Wind weapons and shields.

Overlimit-My Chakra Eyes glow a neon purple and Rings of Chakra begin to surround my body. Thus increasing my overall skills and power/spped. In this form my mastery of Wind,Lightning and Burst energies are all increased. Basically my 2nd stronest Transformation.

Burst Jutsu and Chakra Manipulation
Burst Step=An ability learned from Ace. Increases Speed. Allow the user to move and very fast speeds..almost instantaneously. Can Step up and down. Orginally named Shadow Step. I improved the speed of the move and lessened the Chakra usage. When I step the affect ((Like a TV cutting off)) appears like a burst. Hence the name Burst.

Burst Dance=An ability learned from Ace. In increased Burst Step. I move at even higher speed and in differnt patterns. Leaves afterimages,chakra and dust behind.

Air Burst Step-Burst Step that take place in the air.

Chakra Blast= Fires a blast of Chakra.

Chakra Defense=Send Chakra to certain body parts to defend

Chakra Attack=Send Chakra to certain body parts to attack

Chakra Pierce=A small compressed beam of Chakra is shot at the opponent. Small but VERY powerful.

Burst Dragon=A dragon of fierce Energy/Chakra is fired. I am able to ride it.

Burst Kick=A cutting roundhouse kick embedded with Chakra

Burst Blade=My blade(s) is/are surrounded by Bursting Chakra. I can vary the size and power ((Resembles Squall's Energy when it encases the Gunblade))

Burst Impact=A orb of energy is formed ((Either on the tip of my blade, hands, etc)) it is then fired in many blast that spiral and move rapidly ((Similar to Ragnorak from KH2 Final Mix+))

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Male Number of posts : 1425
Age : 26
Location : Village Bursting with Energy
Kekkai Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
Registration date : 2008-08-30

PostSubject: Re: Aeon's Jutsu   Tue 25 Nov 2008, 7:11 pm

"New" Jutsu! ((These are Jutsu I just haven't posted yet, and probably only used once or twice and a couple new ones))

Data Drain: I call forth my Chakra Blades and the begin to spin in front of me, charging vast amounts of Lightning, Burst, and Wind Chakra into one beam. The area around me seems to get heavy as I charge this powerful attack

Guard Sphere: I create a sphere in front of myself (Similar to Ultimate from DMC 3) Of any of my Elements the defend agasint attacks, the size of this orb can range tremendously

Blast Beam: An orb of Burst, Wind, or Lightning floats in the middle of a ring of Burst, Wind, or Lightning. I place my hands on the orb and feed it Chakra. The Ring begin to spin around the orb as it gains energy. Streams of the respective energy shoot out in powerful strand of Energy.I then release this powerful blast at my opponent.

Charge Edge: I release a powerful swift blast of Lightning, it resembles a large lightning "bird"

Sacred Charged Edge: I release an even more powerful Charge Edge. It rips through the area with Lightning Lashing out everywhere.

Raikiri Edge: A create a Raikiri. The power from the Raikiri causes a blade of pure Lightning to form from the Raikiri increasing it's overall power. ((Imagine Chipps blade and the Raikiri mixed))
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Male Number of posts : 1425
Age : 26
Location : Village Bursting with Energy
Kekkai Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
Registration date : 2008-08-30

PostSubject: Re: Aeon's Jutsu   Fri 05 Dec 2008, 9:57 pm

Soaring Raptor=A powerful Wind "falcon" is launched forward. Its ripping prowess is unimaginable. The Wind emitted for the bird is sharp.

Divine Storm=A Greeen-White color aura swiftly appears around my body. I quickly start kicking rapidly,While kicking I draw Tempest while unleashing a flurry of slashes and kicks. Blade of Wind trail my attacks. I end the assasult with a powerful thrust that emits a powerful damaging beam of Wind Energy

Punishing Typhoon=A green-white aura quickly appear around my body
I draw Tempest and begin to spin rapidly on my heels. I continue spinning rising into the air while changing between a horizontal spin and a vertical spin. All the while powerful blades of wind circle me and my opponent before they home in on the enemy as I jump back

Ultra Lightning Soul=With Surge I begin rapidly slashing just normal slashes. I then begin rotating Surge (Pop Shredder Style) before lungeing back and then forward slamming Surge into the ground. The second the blade touches the ground a large circle-glyph appears on the ground as many Lightning strikes emerge from under it

Fleeting Wind=With Tempest. I toss Tempest as it circles around empty the opponent. Powerful Orbs of Wind form and begin to glow. The ground underneath glows a white/green. From the ground powerful swords of wind begin to flyupward causing my opponent to go upwards as well while the orbs glow releasing powerful cutting Winds of a visible greeny-white

Quasi Seal=I start with a running slash, the slash creates a large orb of Wind around the target. I begin to Burst Step around slashing with Tempest from all angles Each slash followed by powerful Wind Strike. After the last slash the orb bursts in an gale of powerful winds

Brilliant Cataclysm=All my blades are called forth. The begin to glow. They start to rush past while slashing the enemy at a speed that is beyond blinding. The only thing seen is there vast amount of their respective Chakras. The blades then meet in the air and converge into one massive blade of power unbelievable The blade falls down on the target. It begin to release this massive build up of energy, in a wide range. The energy streams from the ground in a violent manner causing pure destruction
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Male Number of posts : 1425
Age : 26
Location : Village Bursting with Energy
Kekkai Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
Registration date : 2008-08-30

PostSubject: Re: Aeon's Jutsu   Wed 21 Jan 2009, 3:19 pm

Lightning Shredder=Using my blade ((Most likely Surge)) I begin spinning my blade rapidly ((Pop Shredder)) to attack my opponent. With each blow dealt by the blade, a bolt of powerful Lightning strikes down as well causing damage from both the Blade attack and the Lightning.

Wind Drop= Using my blade ((Most likely Tempest)) I swing back with my blade and unleash a fierce Upper Slash, launching my opponent into the air. A trail of slicing wind follows the opponent as I ride the Wind upward to my opponent. In a short frame of time, countless slashes are unleashed before the final slamming slash that carries the opponent and I back to the ground. The final slash emits an explosion of Wind that will blow the opponent away

Limit Bullet=First Used against Atomsk. An orb of Burst, Lightning, and Wind is made in front of me. I place my hands on the orb as they both begin to glow. I then release a large amount of Chakra causing the orb to shoot Blast Bullets, Wind Bullets and Burst Bullets

((MOVES ADDED ON 1-7-09))
Lightning Havoc=An attacked learned from my Lightning Clone. A jump slightly into the air and come down with a fierce kick. The kick is covered in a thick Lightning. After the kick hits the ground small. Lightning strikes erupt from under A magnetic ring is then formed pulling the enemy closer or repelling them

Lightning Blood Saber=Controlling the Chakra in my blood I begin forming a Saber..or a bolt of some sort. The blood's color deepens into a dark crimson and Lightning begins to surge around it. The blood then rushes forward in the appearance of a single blade, surrounded with powerful Lightning. When it makes contact it will splash as the Lightning continues shocking with a dangerous amount of Volts

((MOVES ADDE ON 1-14-09))
Lighting Bounce=A powerful kick that sends the enemy crashing to the ground. The force causes them to hit the ground and they bounce back instead of falling into the ground. Along with the hit of the kick a single bolt of Lightning falls of a moderate power. I usually will repeat this multiple times. ((So it goes like Kick->Bounce&Bolt->Kick and so on and so on))

OverLimit Gunner=
A transformation caused from making a transition between my OverLimit and the Epitaph Mode. And inbetween form if you will. Thus making this my 2nd strongest Transformation. In this form I use the DG-OL's ((Dual Gunner OverLimit))
These guns are outfitted with Blade on the front side as well. This allow the DG-OL's to double as Close-Range and Mid-to-Long Range Weapons. These blade will usually replace my use of Swords in this form.
The Guns draw straight from my Chakra Network no reloading. There is no recoil albiet if a strong attack was used there is a possibilty for that. The firing speed at default is Sonic Speed. Increasing my Chakra Output on them the speed can increase to SuperSonic, HyperSonic speeds.
In this form my speed at it's peak. Faster than my Epitaph Mode. Every dash, leap, lunge, dodge I make creates an afterimage.
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Male Number of posts : 1425
Age : 26
Location : Village Bursting with Energy
Kekkai Genkai : Chakra Eye/Burst
Registration date : 2008-08-30

PostSubject: Re: Aeon's Jutsu   Wed 21 Jan 2009, 3:19 pm

Somersault Flash=I backflip using Chakra to propell myself. I backflip high enough of the ground so that I'm partially in the air. My body then begins to spin vertically. My feet meet the target.. At the moment of impact the attack makes a loud sound ((Like the ball that Roxas hits in Twilight Town)) and slighty glows.This kick causes the target to go straight up into the air. ((This attack was inspired by Guile from Street Fighter))

Somersault Flash Assault=I perform a Somersault Flash as normal. While in the air I start to spin in the same way but at a much higher speed. My speed causing me to kick the taget multiple times before the attack launches into the air, once more I follow the target. At this point I'll either
A. Kick once more with immense speed to cut
B. Unleash a powerful downward kick.

Buster Star=I channel Neutral Chakra to the tips of one of my blades and slash foward. It release a star shaped cluster of Chakra. I then slash again releasing another star shortly behind the first. I then slash once more bringing my weapon across my body in a wide slash to release an even stronger star. The first two stars strike at the opponent making a slashing sound. But no cuts are made. The damage is from the force of the attack. ((So like an energy ball basically)) The third star then hits the target spins begins to make hundreds of slashing sounds and attacking many times. Can break things by busting them and shattering them.

Lightning Break=My weapons is injected with a powerful amount of Lightning Chakra. I quickly warp out of sight. I then come crashing down piercing the ground. Lightning pours out of me. I repeatedly do this. It looks like Lightning is rain from the sky with me being the bolt of course.. As I come with the final strike. Lightning columns spread outward the second my blade touches the ground. I then lift blade from the ground

Swift Impulse=I thrust my hand forward release a small ball of Lightning about the size of an orange. It swiftly moves forward and attempts to strike the opponet. It has the properites of paralyzation. If the target is stunned I quickly lerch forward and spin before slamming down with Surge. The slash hits the ground and releases a circular shockwave of Lightning around the area

Lethal Wind=Wind Chakra Blades surrounds my blade. I qucikly rush past my target and slash. The slash makes the Wind linger around the opponent. It lingers for a few seconds before closing in and unleashing a fair amount of slashes.

Burst Drive=An orb of Burst is tossed above the opponent. It follows the opponent releasing many Burst Beams from overhead before falling itslef causing an explosion of Burst.

Limit Barrage=An aura surrounds the blade, and takes the shape of it but wider. I slash once a trail of Burst following the blade and then another slash which lifts the targer into the air. I quickly jump into the air . Burst Swords begins to form behind me. I toss my weapon like an energy disc and the swords follow. The blade spins along with the Burst Sword strikes to damage the target
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PostSubject: Re: Aeon's Jutsu   

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Aeon's Jutsu
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