Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Hosami Nomoichis Bio

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Hosaki Nomonoichi
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Special Jonin

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PostSubject: Hosami Nomoichis Bio   Sat 13 Sep 2008, 11:58 am

Well my name is hosami some may know me as hosaki from before untill banished from villiages i went to seek help i made a villiage within a ruined villiage and ruled for a while training with others rising to the ranks of kage then i evolved into this form this form is new to me cast back into a learning form i destroyed my villiage a prevoked my rank of cage into just a traveling learner now i come across this villiage with old friends from my other villiages iv come across ill stay here and start a new life as part of the burst with energy villiage!!!!

I have 2 brothers and 1 living sister other sister died she was killed by my two older brothers who seek my power and now that i have evoloved into a unstable power seaking weapon of destruction there in it more then ever to kill me capture me and use me as a weapon of mass destruction

My parents were killed by ninjas that live by there own rules more or less tiny gangs they took my home city my brothers gang pretty much owns the city and how the gangs act agist each other is up to them but messing with there gang means certain death most civilions are dead or being held hostage ill never be able to go back to my old villiage unless im looking for a fight
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Hosami Nomoichis Bio
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