Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Aeon's Weapon

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PostSubject: Aeon's Weapon   Sat 30 Aug 2008, 5:32 pm

Shuriken=basic 4 point shuriken. I also use 5 and 6 point Shuriken Giant Shuriken
Exploding Tags
Flash Bomb
Food Pills

My Chakra Blades

Epitaph's Promise-A blade that was created from my soul and my Promise to my Father and Skeith to always keep striving to be as strong as I can be.

The Circle with the "Spikes" is the tsubasa of the Blade.

The blade looks like the Blade in the picture. Ignore the little boy



I carry two of these Blades on my lower back.They have control over Lightning and Wind.Made of strong metals infused with Chakra so they dont break easily. Recently I added the Lightning Gem to Surge and the Wind Gem to Tempest. The Gems are in thier 2nd second state and increase thier elemental powers added already to their natural control over the elements.

Luna Diviner...

A Keyblade that appeared from the desire in my heart to protect my Village.

Ways of Wielding

Name: Hyper Wield
Most Standard- Tempest-Left Hand and Surge Right Hand
Temepst-Left Hand and Epitaph's Promise-Right Hand
Surge-Left Hand and Epitaph's Promise-Right Hand
((All of the aformentioned))

Standard Blade Wielding. Quick Slashing and decent defending capabilites

Name:Rapid Assualt
Chakra Blades- On back and ANY BLADE is switched between both hands Chakra Blades on my back can rapidly attack.
The Chakra Blades on my back rapidly attack. Control with my Chakra. Because this is a style used for Rapid Attacks..defense isn't it's main prority..not to say I cant defend with the various blades.

Luna Diviner-Left Hand Epitaph's Promise-Right

Almost identical to Double Weild. But moves perfomed in this state are more powerful. Can be told by the slight glow of my hands.

Name:Critical Limits
Luna Diviner-Left Hand Epitaph's Promise-Right

((Imagine Oathkeeper blade side facing the opposite direction))
My hands glow slighty as well as in Limit Stance. The main difference is that the left hand Sword is held so that the blade isn't facing the opponent. In this Stance..I perform more "erratic" slashes. Involves lots of blade spinning. Fast, with great Defense

Name:Ventus Style ((One Blade))

New Style! Used for quick attacks and making various slashing combos.
Name:Swift Strike((One Blade))

New Style! Used for quick but powerful strike. Not as quick a style as Ventus..but slighty stronger and better defense


My newest blade. This Blade is to my Burst the way Surge is the Lightning and Tempest is to Wind
The tail/ribbon of the blade is as sharp as the blade. I can be controlled with my Chakra. So I won't be cutting myself with it
A great Energy converter. Just holding this blade makes emitting anything through it easier
((Further Abilites will be explained later))


Powers Unknown

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Aeon's Weapon
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