Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Akurai Yami The master of Chaos

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Akarui Yami
Anbu of the Nightmare
Anbu of the Nightmare

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PostSubject: Akurai Yami The master of Chaos   Sat 27 Sep 2008, 9:36 am

Sup Every one The names Akuraii, but some of you might remember me as Abari i died once and, well let's get down to the flashback shall we. *times stands still as it rewinds to the dat of my death*

*I am transported inside of a void, half of the area is white, while the other half is darkness, as two forms appear in front of me

well then Akarui, it's time to tell you why youíre in here. Well you do realize you died when you were fighting in the nightmare village. In order to save you i had to split my self into to in order for you to continue living.

Me: So wait if your Zangetsu then where is your other half is?

Well I am right here Sadoichi here the dark side of zangetsu. Which means i have complete control over darkness?

Zangetsu: as I over light

Me: so I now only have two elements then?

Zangetsu: well no, we got rid of the ones that wasnít really apart of you, me personally I grown a liking to your ice power.

Sadoichi: as I to your lightning, so now you may be able to combine the two elements so you can uses Dark lightning attacks

Zangetsu:as well as Angelic ice attacks

Me but what about my natural element fire

Both: well thatís the beauty about this, we two can combine to form one so you can use the power known as chaos flame.

Me: cool when do we start our new life then

Zangetsu: right

Sadoichi: about

Both: Now!! *he void disappears as i am reformed as a new person,as I start my adventure as...*


*time then fast forward to the present* Well thts was cool, I came here to visit an old friend of mine which turns out to be the kage of this village. I cant wait till i explore this village and hopes to see new and old friends as well.
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Akurai Yami The master of Chaos
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