Village Bursting with Energy

Village Bursting with Energy: A Village that lies within the Soul Ocean. A place where Energy is everywhere. The stars and streams of Energy paint the sky of this homeland.
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 Kay's Jutsu

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Anbu of the Nightmare
Anbu of the Nightmare

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PostSubject: Kay's Jutsu   Mon 08 Dec 2008, 12:09 pm

Kekki Genkai Update= The Dark Force.(Obtained from fusing with the Symbiote Crisis)
With this power I can do things unimaginable. The Dark Force is unrivaled(not counting the Power Cosmic. Of course will not be spammed but only used when necessary) It has all the abilities of the power cosmic, but I am inexperienced with it, so It is significantly weaker, but nontheless its power is still unrivaled.

Divine Speed=After fusing with the Crisis Symbiote I'm able to utlize Divine speed. A speed which surpasses all speed not counting Lightspeed and higher.(All attacks that say mach speed replace it with divine speed)

After Training..

My strength and speed have increased along with me gaining control of Darkness and also a special type of darkness known as Anubios chakra .

Anubios Chakra- which is the Dark chakra of Oran which wields his very immence true power stronger than regular Oran chakra. Anubios Chakra's power and ability is exceeded only by the k.o.d. I can also control Oran to a great extent allowing me to do things like Change my arm into his increasing my attributes to god like levels I can also fly. Another effect of it is that it has the ability to decay anything it touches once I say the word.

New Jutsu

Dark Beams- Beams of immence dark chakra.

Dark sheild- Darkness surronds me and sheilds me from damage

Dark Bolt- A bolt of more immence dark chakra that I shoot from my weapon.

Dark Mine-I charge a certain part of my body (preferably my blade) with dark chakra as I do handsigns at a speed that blurrs as I spin around shooting out orbs in every direction that stand idol floating covering the entire area. If some one is to touch one of the mines it will create an explosion and chain reaction causing you into blow up into the next mine or I could explose them all causing a massive explosion

Rage Bomb- A bomb no bigger than a lima bean. Once Detonated it makes an explosion of Anubios and Oran Chakra thats strong enough to level a small city and then some.

Dark Orbing- I am engulfed in a ball of Anubios chakra and is able to move instantly where ever I please but I have to have been to the spot before I can Orb there.(I can also Orb things other than my self)

Shock waves of Darkness

Color of the Dark Force

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Kay's Jutsu
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